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About the Department


B. Borooah College with its own campus being established in 1962 provided the much needed boost to start the science stream that starts functioning in 1964.

Opening of Pre-University: (It is ‘Higher Secondary’ Course under AHSEC from the year 1985) Science stream: From the session 1964-65, vide GU EC Res. No. 4/77/ (b) Dated 08.06.66.

Opening of Degree Science stream (Pass course): From the session 1965-66, vide GU EC Res. No. 6/125(f) Dated 16.07.65, Letter No. G/EC/2/65/16995 Dated 10.09.65.

Opening of Degree ‘Honours’ (‘Honours’ was renamed by GU as Major from the year 1986) in Physics: From the session 1978-79 Vide GU EC Res. No. 335/15/79(31) Dated 05.07.79.


♦ To show the learners correct path to pursue correct knowledge and information of Physics.

♦ To motivate individual learner for higher studies in Physics so that the subject can flourish to serve for the betterment of the earth and its belongings.

♦ To open up human brain for systematic and consistent thinking process for well being of the human society.


To take Physics and Physicist to a level from which it will be possible to save the earth and humanity.

Departmental online software:

To keep pace with the fast growing information technology, the Department is trying to keep in touch with their students and Alumni members utilizing social media like facebook. Further we have created our own online software that makes it easy to connect to our students and the Alumni at any time and anywhere. The url for this online software is

The salient features of the software are:

  1. Tracking of the student records (Examination result, Co-curricular activities, achievements etc).
  2. Every student will be given a unique id numaber and an email id as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Tracking of the Alumni members. Alumni members can register online using the url
  3. Student assignment can be uploaded online by a teacher that the student can download and they also can upload the answer to the concerned teacher.
  4. Teacher also can upload important notes to the students which student can download when needed.
  5. The software includes a database of the Departmental Laboratory items as well as the Library.
  6. A student can see online the books available in the Departmental Library. Transaction of books can be done through the software.
  7. Department/Teacher can give notice/information online to the student.

Dept software

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